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Hysteroscopy Specialist in Hyderabad

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Hysteroscopy Specialist in Hyderabad

Hysteroscopy, used for examining the uterus, is a diagnostic as well as a treatment procedure. It is used for diagnosing and treating conditions that cause abnormal bleeding.

In this procedure, your doctor examines your uterus with the help of the hysteroscope, a thin lighted tube. Your doctor inserts the hysteroscope via your vagina to examine the inside of your uterus and the cervix.

At Aanvi Fertility and Women’s Centre Hyderabad, we have specialists who are experts in using hysteroscopy for diagnostic and surgical purposes. As such, you don’t have to look beyond Aanvi Clinic when it comes to hysteroscopy in Tilaknagar, Hyderabad.

If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding or other problems, you can give us a call and fix an appointment with Dr. Swarna for a consultation. She will examine you and suggest the best treatment plan for you.

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

Diagnostic hysteroscopy, used to detect problems related to the uterus, is also helpful in confirming the results of other tests like hysterosalpingography, an X-ray dye test used for examining the fallopian tubes and uterus. Hysteroscopy can also be used along with other procedures like laparoscopy and dilation and curettage. Diagnostic hysteroscopy is usually carried out as an in-office or daytime procedure.

Hysteroscopy Surgery
Hysteroscopy can be employed to correct abnormal conditions detected while using the procedure for diagnostic purposes. This means that the surgery will often be performed immediately after diagnosing the condition. During the surgical procedure, small instruments needed for correcting the condition are inserted via the hysteroscope.

Hysteroscopy is often performed to correct uterine conditions such as:

  • Polyps and fibroids
    (non-cancerous growths found within the uterus)
  • Mullerian anomalies
    (a developmental abnormality that can disrupt the reproductive system)
  • Adhesions
    (bands of scar tissue that may form within the uterus and cause infertility and changes in menstrual flow)
  • Septums
    (a malformation or defect that has been present from birth)
  • Abnormal bleeding
    (diagnosing the cause of lengthy or heavy menstrual flow, bleeding between periods or after menopause, and providing treatment (endometrial ablation))

Benefits of Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a less invasive procedure, and it is relatively safe. Benefits are:

  • shortened stay in the hospital
  • Faster recovery
  • The pain killers needed after surgery are much less
  • It may eliminate the need for a hysterectomy or open abdominal surgery

When Is Hysterectomy Recommended

When it comes to hysteroscopy treatment in Hyderabad, specialists at Aanvi Fertility and Women’s Centre may recommend this procedure depending on your condition. This is because the procedure may not be suitable for some patients, even though it offers many benefits.

If you are a candidate for hysteroscopy, the treatment will often be performed in the first week following your menstrual period. This is because doctors will be able to clearly view the insides of your uterus during this time.

Hysteroscopy Procedure

You may be given a sedative by your doctor before the procedure to help you relax. The next step is preparing you for anaesthesia. Then, hysteroscopy is performed as follows:

  • Your cervix will be dilated to insert the hysteroscope
  • The hysteroscope is then inserted via your vagina and cervix into your uterus
  • Carbon dioxide gas (or a liquid solution) is then pumped into your uterus via the hysteroscope; this is to expand your uterus and clear blood or mucus
  • A light in the hysteroscope enables your doctor to clearly examine your uterus, the opening of your fallopian tubes into your uterine cavity, etc.
  • If any surgery needs to be carried out, your doctor will insert small instruments into your uterus via the hysteroscope

The time needed to perform hysteroscopy often ranges from about five minutes to as much as an hour. The duration of the procedure is dependent on whether a diagnostic or surgical procedure needs to be carried out. In general, a diagnostic procedure takes less time compared to hysteroscopy surgery.

If you are experiencing any of the uterus-related conditions mentioned above or looking for the best clinic for miscarriage treatment in Hyderabad, you can call Aanvi Fertility and Women’s Centre and book an appointment with Dr.Swarna.

She is not only a trained obstetrician and gynaecologist but also an (ICOG-certified) ultrasound scanning specialist. She has performed hysteroscopy procedures for hundreds of patients.

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