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Aanvi Fertility and Women's Centre - Specialists in Maternity Care

Specialist in IVF and Fertility
Aanvi Fertility and Women's Centre - Specialists in Maternity Care

Maternity care is all about providing high-quality and safe health care treatment to pregnant women. Care is provided based on the psychosocial and physical needs of a would-be mother, keeping in mind the baby’s needs.

Maternity care includes care provided before and after delivery (prenatal, pregnancy, and postnatal care).

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Aanvi Fertility and Women’s Centre is the best clinic for maternity care in Tilaknagar. Dr. Swarna, the chief gynaecologist and obstetrician at Aanvi, is a highly experienced and accomplished doctor.

At Aanvi, we believe in educating would-be mothers about the various stages of pregnancy and offering services that are focused on women, children, and their families.

It can include everything from tracking the health and well-being of both mother and baby, providing health education, assisting during labour and birth, and post-birth care for up to six weeks.

Prenatal Care in Tilaknagar
At Aanvi, the prenatal phase starts with pregnancy planning. A visit to Aanvi and consultation with Dr. Swarnahelps you clear all your doubts, understand the kind of care we provide at each stage and devise strategies to go forward with your pregnancy.

All aspects related to family history, mental health, the importance of supplementing vitamin D, controlling diabetes, and managing a healthy weight will be discussed in detail during your visit. You will also be advised to quit drinking and smoking in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy for you.

Pregnancy Care
This phase starts from the day of confirmation of your conception and lasts till the delivery of your baby. We will ensure that you and your baby enjoy good health during this period by monitoring the progress of your pregnancy and your health at regular intervals through ultrasound scans and other tests.

Highly trained gynaecologists and obstetricians are adept at handling all types of pregnancies, including high-risk pregnancies. They will professionally manage all issues, including the last-minute complications that may arise.

Postnatal Care
At Aanvi, we offer specialized postnatal care for up to eight weeks. Postnatal care includes elimination, prevention, early detection of health complications, if any, and providing appropriate treatment. Counselling on breastfeeding and immunization will also be provided to you.

Post-delivery, mothers go through physical and emotional changes as they learn to manage their new-born. Therefore, proper rest, nutrition, and care are essential for faster and healthier recovery.

Midwifery is an important component of post-delivery care. After the mother and child are discharged from the hospital, the help of a trained midwife is essential to help the brand new mother take care of the newborn baby. This includes feeding, baby care, and providing emotional support.

The comprehensive pregnancy care in Tilaknagar offered by Aanvi – from prenatal care to postnatal care – encourages not only healthy delivery but also reduces complications. Pregnancy is the time when professional help is needed and the maternity care at Aanvi ensures the same.

Experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists at Aanvi are specialized in managing pregnancy and childbirth and women’s health. They provide a wide range of services for patients from all age groups.

They have the skill, knowledge, confidence, and drive to navigate you through your pregnancy by providing high-quality maternity care and making it an experience worth remembering throughout your life.

In addition to being a highly experienced gynaecologist,Dr. Swarnais an (ICOG-certified) ultrasound specialist in Tilaknagar.

She has hands-on experience in handling all kinds of pregnancies, including high-risk cases. Dr. Swarna is the best gynaecologist in Tilaknagar and you can book an appointment either online or by phone.

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